increase your infolinks earnings

How to increase your infolinks earnings

Infolinks is a common mention among the best alternatives for Google Adsense, which is somehow true. However, you should know that Infolinks doesn’t work for everyone especially the impatient. You might try to increase your Infolinks earnings but you are unlikely to be contented with the results you get from your efforts.

With all due honesty, i have used Infolinks before and had a pretty bad experience. Every one has a story of his own and luck i guess but for me, may be my luck with Infolinks was blocked way before it got any closer to me. I held a funeral for Infolinks and buried her over 5 years ago.

This doesn’t mean you should ditch them for suitable alternatives. I have seen many testify their success with the ad network and display their income proof to back their claims.

You can still make money from Infolinks. For your case, maybe you will have the luck or destiny to work out things. As for me, i wouldn’t recommend using Infolinks on your blog.

There is a question about how much Infolinks pays per click (PPC) or impression (CPM)? There is no clear answer to this and whatever you see on the web is either a gamble or lie. No one knows Infolinks earnings per click or impression because the company has never disclosed it to publishers.

Now lets get back to the good old days when i was still in a relationship with Infolinks. Despite efforts to keep increasing my traffic, i looked for various ways of increasing my earnings and some of the tweaks below showed a slight increase.

When i talk about a slight increase, i mean earning $0.87 from $0.22 for over 20,000 page views a day (on one of my news websites). That’s the best i could go. So if you are among the few searching for ways to increase your Infolinks earnings but are failing to see results, i recommend you try out other monetization networks and options.

If you believe your experience will be different and you’ll reap then a few tips below can help you increase your Infolinks earnings. After all, its always good to believe.

How do you increase your infolinks earnings?

Despite having a terrible experience with Infolinks, a few tricks helped me increase my earnings but still the revenue didn’t meet my expectations.

1 – Proper customization of Ads

The adjustments you make in your dashboard could be the secret to increase your Infolinks earnings. Try to enable Intext Ads, Intag Ads and Inarticle Ads then ensure the revenue booster under Intag ads is enabled.

    • Intext Ads. With Intext Ads, more links means more revenue for you but still it’s not advisable to add very many link ads on your content or else you will annoy your visitors. Try to keep the number of links to 6. If your content is pretty long then you might increase the number to 12. Also make sure your links have a different color than your content and try to double underline them to make them easily noticeable.
    • Intag Ads. Intag ads are very effective if you want to increase your Infolinks earnings. Enabling the Revenue Booster under Intag ads will increase your earnings the more because of it’s ability to attract more clicks.
    • Inarticle Ads.

Inarticle ads are banners that are inserted in your post content. These banners automatically slide for a visitor then slide back. This ad is new on the infolinks customization menu and usually attracts extremely high click-through rates. I suggest you enable it.

Please note that it’s not advisable to enable many types of Infolinks ads on your page. I recommend you settle with the three types above for the best results.

2 – Write quality content

If you have been reading most of my articles, you should realize how much i emphasize this. If you are not going to write quality content for your blog then you might be wasting your time.

Quality content will not only improve the quality of your website but will also earn you the trust of your readers who will often bounce back on your blog, get you more traffic and earn you more income.

Make sure your content is ethical and informative, i strongly discourage you from making money at the expense of your readers. Do not spread false buzz all in the name of getting visitors. The visitors will visit, never return and will ignore you always.

3 – Target high paying keywords

Targeting high paying keywords/niches can help you increase your Infolinks earnings. Now, what are these high paying Infolinks keywords? Topics about loans, insurance, web hosting, technology have been confirmed to have a boost on revenue. I suggest you write about such topics or rather include a few natural keywords in your articles.

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4 – Build more Traffic

Most of the bloggers who have reaped big from Infolinks own blogs that receive millions of traffic monthly. The more traffic your blog has, the more money you are going to earn.

Please note that quality traffic is very essential in all aspects of monetizing a blog and so it is for Infolinks. It’s time to get your SEO right by writing well optimized SEO posts. You can refer to my post on how to increase web traffic with less marketing for some of the essential tips for increasing traffic on your blog.

5 – Refer other people

You can make more money from Infolinks’ by joining their referral program. Refer your friends and you will earn 10% of their revenue for the first 12 months. Imagine referring a publisher that eventually racks up $10,000 in his first year? That will suddenly mean $1000 for you.

The more you refer other people, the more likely you are to earn reasonable income from Infolinks. They have banners available to help in your referral campaigns only that you need to have an active Infolinks account to be able to refer new friends.

If you don’t have an account, you can open up one through the link below. If you already have one, all you have to do is click on ‘Referral’ tab on the Dashboard’s main menu to get started.

Sign Up for Infolinks Referral Program

If Infolinks alone is not meeting your revenue expectations, i suggest you try using it alongside Google Adsense and see how both networks perform. If things do not work out, move on from my ex and try out other monetization schemes for your blog.

You can read some of the ways of monetizing a blog here.

Make sure the monetization schemes you opt for are worth it. You can also first do away with ads on your website until you get your traffic right. There is no point in exchanging a visitor on your blog for less money. Try to keep visitors longer until your traffic shoots then think of monetization plans.

Wrapping it up

A common mistake publishers make is opting out of Infolinks in the first days or weeks of integration. Infolinks may require up to 4 weeks to fully customize and start showing relevant ads on your website. Just give it time and see how it works for you!

In fact, it’s always advisable to give it at least 2 months and see the outcome. If you make all the adjustments above and still see no change, Infolinks might not be the right scheme for your blog.

Authored By Kolo Pius

Kolo Pius is the founder of TutorialFAQ. He writes Badass articles for it and is an avid traveler too. Most of the time he travels while blogging and coding. You can hire me for your next Web Project, Mobile Project or SEO Services. About Me | Facebook | Twitter


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  1. Suresh

    Hello Kolo,

    Thanks for the Infolinks article man. I tried Infolinks in-article format on my site and the revenue is almost zero despite thousands of impressions from Tier 1 and Tier 2 countries. Do you know how will they calculate the revenue?

    1. Kolo Pius

      Hello Suresh, unfortunately the exact formula infolinks uses to calculate revenue is still undisclosed. However, I only recommend using infolinks if your traffic volume is high. You could try affiliate marketing to boost your earnings, even with less traffic.

  2. Muhammad Tabish

    Hello Kolo.
    Wow, That;s Great this is just Awesome and Lovely Article For Boost Infolinks Earnings, I like Your Idea, Thank’s For The Post Keep Sharing,

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    1. Kolo Pius

      Thanks for reading Muhammad! Cheers 🙂

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