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How to find Large Facebook groups

Large Facebook groups are quite hard to find nowadays and this is no coincidence because most of them are short-lived and why? because of spam. If you’ve been an administrator/moderator in a Facebook group, you should know how hard it is to manage one.

So can we still find very large groups for any niche on Facebook? This is possible but isn’t the case. Even if you find some, the large amount of posts in moderation will lower approval chances of your posts. Very few large groups approve posts often. Either way, lets begin the hunt now.

In this article, i assume you are looking for large groups where you can post adverts or links to your products. Besides this, there is not other valid reason to hunt for elephant groups.

For new users, very few groups will be recommended to you because you haven’t made any friend connections or perhaps Facebook hasn’t yet determined the best groups to recommend to you. Please note that Facebook endeavors to show you the most relevant posts. They do not want to irritate their users because they love them so much!

When you make a group search, the only groups that are likely to be queried are groups within your locality and connections. Locating large groups outside your locality is hard unless you dig deeper.

Good news is you can still find large Facebook groups outside your locality and i will show you the exact procedures to achieve this. Much as this trick works, it will not find you the largest Facebook groups.

There are many out there but joining a few should be relevant enough for you. When you join so many, you will face restrictions that could last from 24 hours up to 72 hours.

How do we find Large Groups on Facebook?

Am going to share two ways you find large Facebook groups. I have used both before and all i can say is i got the exact results i wanted. You might too by the end of this tutorial.

Please note that this tutorial is based on the new Facebook Beta UI that rolled out in 2o20. If you are still using Facebook classic, its time to switch to the Beta version.

1 – Discover Groups

This approach is straight forward. Visit and you should see a page with so many groups. On each row, you have an option of scrolling through the groups. See screenshot below.

Discover Facebook Groups

Click where the red arrow points and you should be to view more suggested groups. On join the ones that have lots of members and might be of benefit to you. There are so many rows with multiple groups as you keep scrolling down.

The saddest part is with all these suggestions, you cannot join more than 20 groups in a day. Actually even 10 is quite risky. You will get flagged for spam activity and restrictions will be placed on your account.

Joining 3 – 6 groups every 2 – 3 days should look natural enough to keep you safe.

2 – The Group Egg Hunt

So what happens when you want to join a group outside your interests or recommendations? For our second trick we shall filter groups that group admins belong to. One thing i know is most Facebook group admins belong to several other groups with large members.

With this approach, you have to search Facebook for random groups, locate their administrators and send them friend requests. The more friend requests you send, the more new groups that will appear in the Friends’ Groups row under the Discover Groups page.

So lets say you want to join technology groups in France, all you have to do is search Facebook for “Technology France”. In the results page, query only groups and view them one by one.

Look through their respective members’ tabs, view group administrators and send them friend requests. Send friend requests to as many group members as you can. When confirmed, you’ll see new suggested France technology groups when you try to discover groups.

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Staying Safe

In whatever you do, you have to be very careful else you could have your account disabled if warned several times. This implicates you should not send out so many friend requests nor join very many groups at ago or in a day.

Endeavor to add respective gaps between your activities. In a layman’s language, try to make everything look natural. A user who joins multiple groups and sends out very many friend requests at ago will be flagged for spam and slapped with restrictions.

Playing on the safer side is the way to go. If you’ve been through the COVID-19 Era, then you should know what it means to be safe 🙂 No one forces you but you do it because it’s right for you.

I do not want you to lose your Facebook account. It’s very hard to open up one nowadays without any sort of verification. The verification process alone is annoying. Besides, having a new account gain trust like the old one is another journey that you have to take.

I have stumble across many posts asking for the largest groups on Facebook. Such groups were quite many and easy to find back in the day but its close to impossible to find a group with over a million users.

Most groups get prone to spam and get disabled. Facebook is also trying to ensure that administrators can have manageable numbers on their groups. There is no point having over a million users yet you can not approve a quarter of their posts in moderation.

The other reason would be the need to push people to buy likes or sponsor posts. Groups with very large members send huge free traffic to websites and in most cases, the administrators or members will not see any need to sponsor posts. It’s even worse with groups that have targeted members.

In the business sense, Facebook wants you to generate traffic from them so they’ll make it hard for everyone to get huge amounts of traffic to their websites at no cost.

I won’t deny that there are very many large Facebook groups out there. For this i cannot deny but finding them is the problem. No one except Facebook knows the largest group on the platform. Either way, the hacks above should help you find large Facebook groups.

Authored By Kolo Pius

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