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How to reverse Google Adsense Smart Pricing

It’s possible to reverse Google Adsense Smart Pricing. Your account cannot be smart priced for good if you are working towards getting the ban lifted. If you do nothing about it then you might never get out of the loop.

I have read several stories of bloggers complaining about getting CPCs extremely low as $0.01 despite getting over 100 clicks on their adverts daily. This doesn’t look normal right? well to some extent it is. Many bloggers from India get that for their CPC but in most cases such clicks have a lot to do with Adsense Smart Pricing.

If you have never been smart-priced then you should consider your self lucky because a bunch of bloggers have fallen victim of this. I myself fell victim of it years back. What i realized is most bloggers think of increasing their CPC by blocking low paying categories and advertisers from their Adsense account which is not the case. I tried doing all this, not until i came to learn about Adsense smart pricing, tried making several adjustments and changes then i began to see some increase in my CPCs. Funny thing is i even unblocked all categories and switched back my Adsense configurations to default but still i was impressed by the CPC i was getting.

How do we reverse Adsense Smart Pricing

1 – Check your content

The first and most effective step is to check the kind of content you write on your blog. Quality content make up a quality website and vice versa. Quality content will attract you quality dedicated readers who will increase your ad conversion rate and gain back advertisers confidence on your website. Once the clicks coming from your website start yielding business results then the smart pricing ban might get lifted with time.

2 – Make changes on Google Ad serving

In your Adsense account, navigate to Allow & Block ads then click on the Ad serving tab. Try toggling Interest-based ads and Third-party ads. Your account might not perform well when interest-based ads or third party ads are enabled and vice versa. When interest ads are enabled, the ads shown on your browser and directed by the cookies stored on your browser. This helps in a way that if visitors search about a topic and an advert about that topic is shown to them, they are likely to click on the adverts and proceed to produce a business result for an advertiser.

3 – Make separate accounts

This is against Google Adsense Terms of Service but if you play it smart, you might never get caught. The only problem is, if you get caught then all your accounts will be terminated and chances of Google considering your appeal will be very low. So weigh the risk before making any decisions. The only way this will work is placing ads from the non smart priced account on your quality websites and maintaining the smart priced ads for your low quality websites.

4 – Limit Ad Blocks on your Blog

Having many ad blocks on your web page will often result into accidental clicks from visitors. Accidental clicks convert extremely less and in most cases users try to navigate back immediately after making them. Earnings from such clicks are usually deducted from the finalized monthly earnings. Try and maintain the recommended number of ad blocks on your page which is 3 and make sure you place them well.

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5 – Be Patient

All the changes you make will not take effect in one day or weeks. It usually takes over a month for Google to re-evaluate your website. Just be patient and keep working on writing quality content, get targeted traffic then the rest shall follow.

What if i fail?

If you keep doing the right thing for months and have seen no change then you might have to think of other monetization schemes since it useless settle for less yet you are giving in more. In such cases, advertisers will benefit more since the are being charged less than their active bids. If you have lots of traffic then making money on your blog won’t be hard. Even if you have less of traffic you can still make good money from your blog if you choose the right monetization schemes.

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