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How to Withdraw Money from Paypal to Payoneer

Want to know how to transfer money from Paypal to Payoneer? Withdrawing money from Paypal to Payoneer saved a good number of people before especially numbers from Paypal unsupported countries. All they needed was to own a Payoneer Prepaid Debit MasterCard, a virtual bank account in Bank of America (opened through Payoneer) linked to their respective Paypal accounts. Very many were able to withdraw money from Paypal to Payoneer even from unsupported countries. This led to an increase in the number of fake Paypal accounts being created hence, forced Paypal to stop ACH transfers to american bank accounts associated with Payoneer. Even linking Payoneer to Paypal became impossible but a few people still get it right.

Am going to show you the exact tricks you need to withdraw money from Paypal to Payoneer but i can’t guarantee this will work for everyone especially if you live outside the US. I will explain the reasons why this might not work for everyone below. Some people have successfully linked their Payoneer accounts to Paypal even up to today and are using it for Paypal withdrawals.

Now like i said before, this might not work for everyone but on a second thought it might do if you follow the exact steps below. Before we get started i want you to ask yourself something, why would a US citizen use Payoneer to withdraw funds from Paypal yet Paypal supports their country? Fact is there is no reason for that though there is still a small percentage of people who do it. If you register for a Paypal account from a different country and apply for a US virtual bank account via Payoneer then your Payoneer account might never get linked to your Paypal account. The ones that get linked are automatically removed after some time. So the only way out is to open up a US Paypal account under the exact names as your Payoneer Card and you should be able to withdraw money from Paypal to Payoneer.

To benefit from this tutorial i assume you have a:

The link i shared above will automatically change your country to USA while registering for Paypal. Make sure you use the exact names as you used on your Payoneer account and also use a real address of any US citizen you know (Could be a friend, relative or someone else). If your friend is not registered on Paypal you could think of using their telephone contact as well while registering for a Paypal account.

How do we withdraw money from Paypal to Payoneer

If you manage to successfully open up a Paypal account and own a Payoneer account as well, all you have to do is use your Payoneer account to verify your Paypal account. Follow the steps below to verify your Paypal account using Payoneer.

Step 1 – Add funds to your Payoneer Prepaid Debit MasterCard

You should be having some money on your Payoneer Prepaid Debit MasterCard that Paypal will use for verification. If you already have some money on your Payoneer Card then this step is irrelevant for you but in case you don’t then you might have to use these simplest ways to add funds to Payoneer Card to guide you on how to send money to Payoneer accounts. You don’t need to add a lot of money, $1 or $2 should be enough for verification. This money is deducted by Paypal in two intervals and later refunded to your account after verification.

Step 2 – Apply for US payment service

If you already have US payment service enabled on your Payoneer account then skip this step but if you don’t then you have to apply for it. Approval usually takes 2 – 4 days and a confirmation email is usually sent upon application’s approval. The email contains all your bank details (Bank number, routing code, bank account name, account number and account type).

Step 3 – Link Paypal account to US Payment Service

The next step is verifying your Paypal account using US payment service. Login to your Paypal account, go to settings and click on ‘Profile & Settings’, ‘My Money’ then add a new bank under bank accounts. Make sure you choose to get verified using a bank account and not credit card. Select Checking as your account type and enter the bank details you received from the US payment service the way they are and wait for your application to be processed.

Step 4 – Verify Paypal account

Once processed, Paypal will automatically deduct two small amounts of money from your Payoneer account and send them back. You have to keep checking your Payoneer account until you see the figures in your transaction history then login to Paypal and enter the exact figures on the verification form to verify your account.

This should get your Payoneer account verified and linked to your Paypal account. In case Paypal rejects the bank details try calling customer care and tell them you are failing to link your bank account to Paypal but make sure you don’t mention Payoneer anywhere in the conversation. After talking to Paypal, you may try linking again and this time round it should link. For some people it took a second try to get their US bank accounts accepted by Paypal.

Once your account is verified you can now transfer your funds from Paypal to Payoneer successfully. The funds usually take 2 – 5 days to reflect on your account and once they do you can as well withdraw your funds from Payoneer to your local bank account or alternatively visit any MasterCard supported ATM machine near you and withdraw you money. You can learn how to withdraw Money from Payoneer for the exact procedures to follow when withdrawing funds from Payoneer.

The reason why most Payoneer associated bank accounts are rejected by Paypal is because people use them on non-US Paypal accounts. If you can open up a US Paypal account and enter a correct address on it you should be able to link your Payoneer account to Paypal. Give this a try and see how it goes, if it works for you feel free to share your experience below. It has worked for me and i believe it can work for you too for as long as you have an active Paypal account but in case it doesn’t work or you get caught in the process, i suggest you try withdrawing funds through a friend or relative who lives in a supported country or alternatively you sign up for an online freelance site, create a task and do it yourself then get paid through Payoneer.

Sign up for a free Payoneer account here

Authored By Kolo Pius

Kolo Pius is the founder of TutorialFAQ. He writes Badass articles for it and is an avid traveler too. Most of the time he travels while blogging and coding. You can hire me for your next Web Project, Mobile Project or SEO Services. About Me | Facebook | Twitter


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44 comments on “How to Withdraw Money from Paypal to Payoneer”

  1. Elvis

    Hi, It is a very useful article, however Do you know if I have to have my payoneer account with the US address as well, I do own a Payoneer account but it has the address of my country of residence Not the US. Address… question is. Do I have to update my Payoneer billing address as well?

    1. Kolo Pius

      Hello Elvis, the trick is playing around with Paypal. Just make sure you open up a US Paypal account and provide a real address of a person there. Yes You have to update your Payoneer billing address too. It will probably work!

      1. Rakib

        If I change Payoneer billing address is there any problem?

        I’m from Bangladesh.In payoneer my location is Bangladesh so if i now change it us but login from bd is there any problem??

  2. Singla Kalair

    Thanks a lot! it worked for me. Waiting to see if Paypal will detect that i used Payoneer.

    1. Kolo Pius

      Am glad it worked for you. Cheers!

      1. kay

        Hi kolo i leave a comment for you for two days ago but not seeing it so i will post again i am in the caribbean i receive my payoneer card can u tell me what to do with this situation i open an account already with my caribbean address on it before knowing they need us bank account or visa card so upon reading your info i seeing where u saying use ua address and number what she i do cancel the account and do a new account with us info please tell me thank you

        1. Kolo Pius

          Hello Jordan, i already responded to your question. Please read through the comments. Cheers!

  3. Tarek

    Hi , do I need the Payonner Card to verify PayPal, I linked the account and verified it already through the deposited amounts by Paypal, but after 1 day the account got unlined ( I didn’t receive the card so far ), is that because Paypal tried to deduct the deposited amount and failed ?? ,I thought that should be through the Account and not the card as you mentioned, so why I need the card if so ? or what went wrong ?

    1. Kolo Pius

      Its very common but don’t freak out. Of course Paypal realized that your account is associated with Payoneer. You have to call Paypal customer care and tell them you are trying to link your bank account but it’s failing to link. They will sort you out and ask you to try linking again. This time it should accept especially if your Payoneer account has a US address.

  4. Lester

    Hi, thanks for the useful info.

    I already have a paypal account, linked with my payoneer card. Works great.

    The thing is that payoneer card is going to expire soon. So will I be able to add a new payoneer card to my old paypal account?

    Please help.

    1. Kolo Pius

      Hello Lester, it’s hard to link Payoneer to Paypal nowadays but if you play it smart you might get it right. if you’re Paypal account is US you might stand a chance. Try linking your new card, if it fails call Paypal personally and tell them you’ve failed to link your card (Don’t mention Payoneer anywhere in the conversation), then try linking again. Should work after a couple of tries.

      1. Kelvin

        Hello Pius,
        Thanks for te great work. I opened paypal some days ago and verified with Payoneer, however, it was removed after a few days. I already have $50 in the account.

        How can I withdraw the money?
        And if I am to call paypal that my account is not linking, won’t they know I am calling from Nigeria?
        Thanks for your anticipated response.

        1. Kolo Pius

          Hello Kevin, find a way of calling Paypal using a telephone number of the locality you used when signing up. If you signed up for a US Paypal account then try contacting any friend of yours in the US to call Paypal. About withdrawing money from Payoneer, Read this article

  5. kay

    hi kolo kay again i am yet to do my paypal account with my payoneer card i am having trouble because non of my family member in the us cannot get funds on my card for me to finish signing up with paypal and also i know no one with a payoneer account to do transaction can u help me please

  6. Angelina Veronica

    its helpful for me many thanks for your helpful things.

    1. Kolo Pius

      Thanks for reading too Angelina Veronica 🙂

  7. Mohammed

    Is paypal still accepting payoneer?

    1. Kolo Pius

      Yes Mohammed! They still do BUT it’s hard to get it right and takes a couple of tries. I just linked an account 3 weeks back

  8. kay

    Hi i am trying to let the payoneer card i on the process on filling out the us paypal account i reach where they asking me for social security number any idea how to go about that

  9. Muhammad Riaz Awan

    nice article. I have a question. if I signup US paypal with US address while I live in non supporting country. And login to PayPal from my country will it catch from my ip address?

    1. Kolo Pius

      Hello Muhammad, just make sure you add a /us extension at the end of the URL. Something like this: should work fine. The IP Address doesn’t really matter. I always access my account from Uganda and i’ve never been blocked and besides, a US citizen can also access their accounts from other countries supposing they travel.

  10. Olawale Arowolo

    Hi Kolo Pius, Thanks for this great article, I am sure it is really going to be helpful. Although I haven’t tried it. I have some few questions and I hope you will be able to guide me through. I have a US Paypal account, although I am resident in Nigeria and i have been receiving and sending payments via this account. The last transaction i made was on the 21st of November 2016, then i had a local bank (first bank MasterCard) linked to my PayPal account and i would say all has been smooth, but on the 22nd of November, i tried sending money to my inlaw who has a US PayPal account, i got an error prompt that the card i have on my account cannot complete the transaction. I deleted the card and I attempted to add it again, it failed with an error prompt that the card cannot be added. I tried other cards, it failed except for my inlaw’s visa card with a local bank(Diamond) in Nigeria. But I couldn’t send money from my PayPal account, neither could i buy anything. So, I removed all the cards linked to it. I have gone through your article and it seems to give me some hope, but to be sincere, the US address I have on my PayPal account is not real, I am not sure it exists, although, the phone number I have on it is that of a friend in the US, and it has not been verified but it is valid. I have a Payoneer card but I have not made any payments into it. I am aware that Payoneer charge about $29 for annual subscription, not too sure about that, i hope if i transfer $10 to the Payoneer account, that can be used to complete PayPal’s $1 verification? Another question is, I have a Nigeria billing address on my Payoneer card, i hope that won’t affect the Payoneer to Paypal linking process? I want to update my PayPal’s primary address to a real address, but it has been prompting me that i cannot delete the current primary address, I need advice/help with all these.
    Thanks for the good work you are doing.
    P.S. I have $325 trapped in the paypal account, that is what i am trying to get out.

    1. Kolo Pius

      The mistake you made was to link the Nigerian bank account to your Paypal account. One way you can easily withdraw that money is by asking a friend to send you a Paypal payment request (not you initiating it). From there you can confirm the request and have the money sent to your friend then withdraw through him. If that fails, try linking your Payoneer Card to your Paypal account. It’s quite tricky but if you play it right you will be successful linking it. The first two tries might be unsuccessful but make sue you call Paypal customer care and let them know you are failing to link your Debit card (Don’t mention Payoneer anywhere in the conversation) then try linking again for the third time. You let me know what happens else if it fails, email me on [email protected]. 🙂

      1. Olawale Arowolo

        Pius, thank you so much. I will definitely update you on the developments.

        1. Olawale Arowolo

          Hello Pius, I am glad to inform you that your tutorial worked. Another issue I was having is that I needed to convert my funds from GBP to USD.

  11. Rahim

    So Nice thanks for sharing the post .

  12. Adoyi Joshua

    Hello Pious,
    Nice article. Nevertheless I do have an issue I need to solve:
    I created a PayPal account and tried to link it with my Payoneer account. It seemed like things will go on smoothly after the two small deposits from PayPal were made to the Payoneer account. But when I logged in to my PayPal account I found out that there was no way to fill in the two deposits made.
    please help…. I stay in Nigeria by the way.

    1. Kolo Pius

      Please get more clear please. What did u see?

  13. Miran Kazuma

    But what can i do if i don’t have friend or relative in the US?
    Can i just put some random address from US? Will this lead to my money being stolen or some kind of legal trouble against me?

    1. Kolo Pius

      I prefer you use a real address

  14. Kunta Kenta

    I do have a payoneer card, but it is not adding for me. PayPal says they have disabled my bank so I cannot accept money until my account is verified.

    Do you have any suggestions? Have you heard of Auction Essistance? They have a way to verify account, but I don’t know if they are trustworthy?

    Any help would be appreciated.

    1. Kolo Pius

      Call them personally and tell them you’re failing to link your bank account but don’t mention Payoneer anywhere in the conversation. They will ask you to re-link and this time round it should work. I haven’t used Auction Essistance before but i will try them out personally and recommend them if they are trustworthy.

  15. afan ullah

    Hello Kolo Pius first to all thanks for sharing nice information .

    please i have one question please guide me i have paypal account in UAE base verified i have also add my UAE bank account visa card .now i have a payoneer account which is a Pakistan base billing address but i am not able to link this card with paypal also i have already linked visa card of my UAE bank , please guide my how i can withdraw money through visa card its possible please guide ,

  16. Imtiaz Ahmed Qazi

    Hi, Great Article.

    I have simple questions:


    I have paypal since 8 years, I was using my brother’s paypal who was living in UAE before (dubai), then he moved to UK, and his Card of dubai expired and he is unable to extend it and paypal asked me to ‘update your card’.

    I called my brother but he was unable to update the card as he moved to UK.

    But after some researched I linked my Pakistan’s shipping address’ PAYONEER CARD and it worked very fine.

    Now my question is what if I put my payoneer card’s BANK INFO, it shows me 2 bank account in my payoneer. Do you think it will work?

    I am only scared if they freeze or block my paypal or and payoneer.


    Do you think it will work?

    I believe you will answer it.

  17. Nene

    Hey they stopped withdrawing money from the account, they start sending it to verify but it didn’t show up in my payoneer account, I am wondering how long does it take to show up there.

  18. mbwl

    Hi, I have a new issue, at least I don’t believe it was mentioned here. I followed all the instructions here and successfully linked Paypal and Payoneer. Now the issue is, Paypal started asking for proof of address and ID. How can I avoid this if at all? And what if I give them a photo ID, would they need anything else from me?

    1. CuriousGuy6

      Hey man, have you figured this out?

  19. nuzzo

    It looks like PayPal doesn’t accept Payoneer bank anymore since my bank was removed by them. I contacted them and they said they no longer support them.

    Does anyone have any alternatives of withdrawing or verifying their account?

    Is Auction Essistance safe to get a virtual bank account from?

  20. Peter J. Hopes

    Wow. This is really an amazing post. I love this article which you have shared . Thanks a lot for your post .

  21. adroitclipping

    This very useful post for me, thanks for sharing the useful information.

  22. Farhad Kunto

    Seems like Nigeria has too many restrictions for us and Payoneer got removed from my PayPal. Has anyone used these people: to help withdraw money from their account?

  23. Clipping Path Service

    This post is really so so important for the newest graphic designer who want to earn through outsourcing .Thanks for your helpful post.

  24. Fathnan

    Thank you friends, this article is very helpful

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