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5 Ways to Withdraw Paypal Funds from Unsupported Countries

Want to withdraw Paypal funds from Paypal unsupported countries? Am going to show you a few hacks that will help you withdraw Paypal money from such countries but on condition that your account is able to receive funds. Look, if your account is opened up from one of the countries that Paypal doesn’t support then you are limited to only making payments for the respective transactions you make online or rather sending money to other accounts. Sad part is your account will not be able to receive money.

So what is the way forward to this? Simple! All you have to do is open up a Paypal Merchant (Business) account using the location details of a supported country. I would also prefer you use one that is closest to you and that way, your IP Address will hardly be flagged by the Paypal fraud team.

The reason as to why i am telling you to open up a business account is because personal accounts require mobile verification. If you are able to travel and get yourself a mobile line from a chosen supported country then you can go ahead and open up a personal account else you stick to opening up a merchant account.

Once your account is set up, you will now be able to receive Paypal funds but will be limited to making transactions of $1000 or less monthly. This limit can be lifted when you verify your Paypal account with native bank details. To view your limits, login to your Paypal account and click on ‘View Limits’ under the ‘Account Overview’ tab.

Since you can now receive money directly on your Paypal account, you can now proceed with the tutorial to learn some of the ways you will be able to withdraw Paypal funds from your account irrespective of the country your in.

How do we withdraw Paypal funds

All the tricks below work fine. I guarantee you that i have personally tried all of them and they worked like a charm for me. I do live in an unsupported country (Uganda) and make a living on the internet. I have known this struggle for years ever since Paypal added several restrictions on us. Besides, i do update my articles regularly and if something cool comes up, i will not hesitate to include it here.

1 – Withdraw Paypal funds through a relative or friend

The simplest way of withdrawing Paypal funds from an unsupported country is by doing so through a friend or relative who resides in a supported country. You can send them the Paypal funds and ask them to withdraw it and send it to you through payment means available in your country. it could be Moneygram, Western Union, World Remit, a direct wire transfer or any other means easily accessible to you.

Trust is key here! Some relatives or friends are not trustworthy and can easily be blinded by money. Before you opt for this, make sure you trust the person you are dealing with and believe they are going to send the money to you, else you might end up losing your Paypal funds in the process. If it works out for you, keep the relationship alive by tipping the person offering you such kind of help so that they feel they are not doing it free.

I personally have a brother in the United Kingdom that i use for making such withdrawals. His country is supported and he has a fully verified account, which just makes it simple for me. I do have plans of travelling to a supported country soon and may be hope to build a strong foundation there so that i have to do this personally.

2 – Withdraw Paypal funds through Payoneer

Paypal to Payoneer withdrawals saved scores of people when it came to withdrawing Paypal funds years ago but unfortunately Payoneer’s business model is one that Paypal could not work with. I would say this hack simplified everything and very many had a chance to transfer money directly from Paypal to Payoneer in just a few working days and then to their respective bank accounts or rather withdrew funds directly through any MasterCard supported ATM machines through out the world.

This later led to the rise of so many fake Paypal accounts, something that Paypal discourages and fights so hard against. So may users created such fake Paypal accounts with sole intentions of making Paypal to Payoneer transfer of funds which prompted Paypal to rule out ACH transfers to US virtual bank accounts.

Since then, These two online payment processors have never worked again. In my world, i still believe there is a way of withdrawing money from Paypal to Payoneer. Not so long ago, i discovered a hack that might not be so direct but works pretty fine. For a complete guide read: How to Withdraw money from Paypal to Payoneer

3 – Do your own work

This is kind of similar to my Paypal to Payoneer withdrawals hack only that it is general. So may freelance websites out there accept Paypal payments along with other alternatives such as Cheques, wire transfers, ACH transfer and so on.

You just have to create two accounts, one that gives out the job and one that does it. They both do not have to be in your real names, you could ask your spouse to lend you her name plus details for this particular task. All you have to do is advertise a job (writing content sounds much simpler and better), give it to the other account you created, do the job yourself, get paid and withdraw your funds through other means.

The freelance sites might take a small cut of your funds for their charge but all the same you will be able to get your money directly to your account.

4 – Web Hosting Reseller hack

Months ago i ventured into web hosting reseller business and i had to transfer all my sites from a friend’s server that often timed out. I signed up with Reseller Club and credited my account using a debit card for the first transaction.

It wasn’t long before i noticed i could also credit my reseller account using Paypal whenever i run out of funds or even withdraw excess funds through other payment means like EFT transfers. All you have to do is credit your web hosting reseller account using your Paypal funds and withdraw excess funds from your reseller account through other means after a span of 2 to 3 weeks for safety reasons.

Please note that you need to keep your web hosting reseller account running for this to keep working. You might incur around $30 plus every month but can actually make more than that especially if you are reselling the web hosting space you purchased.

5 – Sell your Paypal funds

Alternatively, you can sell your Paypal funds to people who are able to withdraw it. I do this business here in Uganda and i have helped so many despite the fact that i charge them 10% of the total amount. My clients send me their Paypal funds and in turn i send them Uganda Shillings instantly on their respective Mobile Money accounts, a process that takes less that 5 minutes.

Me i use option one to withdraw the funds and that is how i survive here in Uganda. Good news is recently our government started issuing National Identity Cards and also made it mandatory for everyone to register their phone numbers using these cards hence, we are hopefull that Paypal could soon lift the restriction it imposed on us years ago.

I do buy Paypal funds but charge 10% of the entire amount. I can help you transfer the money directly to your back account or rather send it to you via Western Union or Moneygram. If interested, please drop me a mail on: [email protected] for more information.

Keeping your Paypal Account safe

Opening up a Paypal account with location details of a supported country is just one piece of the puzzle and maintaining it is another. If you are able to push and get identification details from the country you used when signing up then the better because you will easily verify your account.

Also note that Paypal does detect the IP Addresses you use to access your account and having to many of them is discouraged for those that live in unsupported countries. Only use 1 or 2 Internet Service Providers when accessing your account.

Access the country’s Paypal path direct. Lets say you signed up for a Kenyan Paypal account, you would have to access Paypal like this: For US you can use: and so on. Make sure you find out how Paypal accesses your country.

Lastly, never forget your Paypal password. You might be able to reset it using the email address you signed up with of course after answering a few security questions but at times you might be asked to present copies of your personal documents which you might not have.

Wrapping it up

So many third party websites out there Paypal withdrawal services but not all of them are legitimate. They usually charge a small fee that can go up to 15% for their service. Some are legitimate and will deliver their promise but i strongly discourage you from using such people (especially Nigerians) since it’s very hard to cite out the ones you can trust. I suggest you first read reviews about such websites before engaging in any business with them.

Deal with them on condition that you are sure they will send you money irrespective of the country you live in. If you were searching for how to withdraw money from Paypal from unsupported countries, this article should have given you several ways to this.

For sure, of all the 5 above, you should not fail to get at least one to work for you. Best of luck!

Authored By Kolo Pius

Kolo Pius is the founder of TutorialFAQ. He writes Badass articles for it and is an avid traveler too. Most of the time he travels while blogging and coding. You can hire me for your next Web Project, Mobile Project or SEO Services. About Me | Facebook | Twitter


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