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How to Invite all Friends to Like Page on Facebook

If you’ve used Facebook for marketing businesses for over six years, i’d say you know how hard it was to invite all friends to like a business/fan page on Facebook with a single click.

Previously, we invoked scripts in browser consoles and automated everything. Question is, does this trick still work in 2020?

The answer to this is a NO. Actually Facebook came up with something that works better!

Over the years, Facebook has made countless updates to their algorithm and user interface. The tricks that used to work back then hardly stand a chance nowadays. Anything suspicious is not only flagged as spam, but the owner of the account responsible for such activities is also given warnings and restrictions for a couple of hours.

The restrictions keep getting bigger with attempts.

Owning multiple pseudo Facebook accounts has become a nightmare too. If you opened them earlier enough then you’d consider yourself lucky otherwise, getting an alternate active account is not an easy task as of now.

Anything suspicious will have your new account flagged and queued for review. In most cases, the accounts remain disabled until you request for a review by sending your valid identification documents.

The Facebook spam team has actually become smarter and harder to beat.

One of the good stuff that came with the multiple updates is the ability to invite all friends to like Facebook pages with a single click and in a permissive manner. Sounds awesome right? Actually, i find it cool!

You do not need to do anything suspicious or inject any JavaScript codes into your web browser console to have this accomplished. Facebook allows you to do it from your fan page.

Funny thing is the JavaScript codes that worked way back then are no-longer effective. Even if you use them right now, the conversion of invites to likes will be relatively low.

Lets say you invoke a script that sends out 3000 invites. You could get less than 100 likes or if lucky slightly more than that. This is no coincidence as most invites are flagged as spam. Gone are the days when we got over 2000 likes from such shady invites!

Likes have become so damn hard to get. The only way out is buying them and that’s exactly what Facebook has always wanted; which is pretty much understandable though. You’d want it too if you owned something big like Facebook.

So how do we send them invites without breaking any Facebook laws? Be a good reader and follow exactly as i say and you could have more than a thousand likes on your page by tomorrow.

Note: This tutorial is based on the Standard Page Template of the new Facebook interface that rolled out in 2020. If you haven’t checked it out yet, it’s high time you did. Its super cool and has an option for activating dark mode.

Check out my step by step guide for inviting friends to like Facebook Page below.

Step 1: Open your Facebook Page

The very first step is opening the Facebook page that you intend to send like invites for. Please note that you should have admin privileges to the page.

How to Invite all Friends to Like Page on Facebook

Step 2 – Navigate to Community Tab

Click on the more drop-down item and click on Community

How to Invite all Friends to Like Page on Facebook

Step 3 – Click on “See all Friends”, Scroll whole list & Send Invites

Under the community tab, you’ll see a “See All Friends” button. Click on the button and keep scrolling through the list until you load all your friends. When you are certain that all your friends have been loaded, click on the “Select All link” to select all the friends on the list and send invites. Please note that you also have an option of also sending each invite on messenger.

How to Invite all Friends to Like Page on Facebook 2020

How long will it take to start getting likes?

Usually after sending invites to your friends, you should start getting likes immediately. The process is instant. The only problem with getting likes this way is people are hardly interested in liking pages unknown to them. When you like a Facebook page, its posts appear on your news feed.

People are so protective and selective of the stories they wish to see on their news feed. You should too! It’s very vital to know the kind of page you are liking so as to avoid stumbling on irrelevant stories that are of no interest to you.

Sending Invites should be the very fast and last thing you do when you open up a Facebook page. As time goes on, consider looking at buying likes for your page. If you are really serious about your business, you’ll need to invest in it. Likes are inexpensive unless bought in bulk.

Can i invite all friends using a Chrome Extension?

I wouldn’t recommend this especially knowing the fact that Facebook has rolled out a much simpler way to send invites to all friends with a single click. Why would you leave out a much safer way and risk your account to do something that accomplishes the same task?

Using a chrome extension is no different from using scripts. What varies is the use of a tool to execute it. If there are any chrome extensions that happen to accomplish such tasks in to-date, i would consider them irrelevant.

Maybe they’ll get their relevance back in the future. Who knows? Facebook keeps rolling out updates and we can’t known what comes next.

Once you manage to grow your follower base, consider posting more often to keep them engaged or else your page will be flagged as irrelevant and your posts will hardly show in majority of your followers’ news feed.

So it’s not only about garnering a huge chunk of likes for your page but also keeping your followers engaged.

Facebook can be a very powerful tool to market your business if used the right way. Every business owner, business or celebrity should own a page. It’s a perfect way to promote your products and keep your readers/customers informed. In-fact, a Facebook page can be the best alternative to a website.

Authored By Kolo Pius

Kolo Pius is the founder of TutorialFAQ. He writes Badass articles for it and is an avid traveler too. Most of the time he travels while blogging and coding. You can hire me for your next Web Project, Mobile Project or SEO Services. About Me | Facebook | Twitter


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