iPhone Battery Drain

iPhone Battery Drain: Best Ways to Save Battery life of iPhones

iPhones are one of the most powerful and popular mobile phones in existence today with lots of exciting inbuilt features that could drain your battery and keep you charging your phone more often. If you have encountered regular iPhone battery drain before or rather at the moment then it’s high you thought of ways to save battery life of your iPhone. There are so many ways you can prevent iPhone battery drain but most of them revolve around turning off certain services and features that could be consuming less or more of your battery. These features could be the same features that make your iPhone fun, implicating you should’t disable too many of them but rather do away with a few you don’t use often or completely.

How do we Save Battery Life of an iPhone

Below are some of the ways you can make your iPhone battery last longer but remember, your phone usage counts the most. You could disable most of the cool features but if you still use your phone for long hours consecutively then your battery could drain a lot faster than usual. Otherwise, if you feel you use your phone less but still face massive iPhone battery drain then the tips below could increase your phone’s battery life.

1. Turn off WiFi Connection: Wifi connections consume a lot of battery if left active implicating you ought to activate it only when necessary and less often. Despite the need to deactivate it necessarily, some people keep their Wifi connections active all the time as they search for nearby open hotspots which drains their batteries the more. Using Wifi more often on your iPhone could also damage the overall power storage capacity of your battery by weakening it more. To turn off Wifi connection on your iPhone, Go to settings / Wifi and slide to white (off).

2. Manage Screen Brightness: The light on your iPhone’s screen consumes a great percentage of battery and managing it could save you from regular iPhone battery drain. The first thing to do is make use of the inbuilt iPhone ambient light sensor by activating Auto-Brightness. This sensor has the capacity to adjust the brightness of your phone’s screen depending on the light around it’s environment which saves your battery and also makes it easier for you to read on your screen. To activate Auto-Brightness, Go to SettingsDisplay & Brightness – and activate on Auto-Brightness by sliding it to green.

Besides activating Auto-Brightness, you can also reduce the brightness of your screen by sliding the bar above the Auto-Brightness feature to a level that comforts you. This should be a bonus to Auto-Brightness.

3. Disable Automatic Updates of Apps: IOS 7 came with a new feature that automatically updates your applications in case of any required updates. This feature runs in the background and drains battery too if left active. To deactivate this feature, navigate to Settings, iTunes & App Store and turn off Updates by moving it’s slider to white.

4. Activate Low-Power Mode (IOS 9): If your iPhone is running IOS 9 then Apple just made it a lot easier for you to save your battery. The Low-Power mode feature turns off a list of features on your iPhone so as to save as much power as possible to power your iPhone for the next 2 or 3 hours after a low battery warning as claimed by Apple. This feature is found under SettingsBattery. Simply move the slider to green as much as you can to extend your battery life.

5. Turn off Personal Hotspot: The personal hotspot feature turns your phone into a wireless hotspot that other devices can connect to. Using this feature more often will not only drain your battery but will also weaken it. If you don’t use this feature then the better otherwise, try to minimize on the hours you keep it active and times you use it in general. This feature is located under SettingsPersonal Hotspot. Always ensure it is turned off and only activate it when you need to use it.

6. Auto-Lock Quicker: Reducing the time of the screen auto-lock feature to the least minutes could save your battery more. There no point keeping your iPhone lighting yet you are not using it. The Auto-Lock feature will automatically lock your iPhone after a prescribed period of no interaction. This feature is found under SettingsGeneralAuto-Lock. Always endeavor to keep the amount of time shorter.

7. Disable LTE and Cellular Data:You could require to stay online, keep your social media accounts synced and need to receive alerts (notifications) of all activities more often but all this has an impact on your battery life. It’s not just a simple impact but a major one, reason why the battery of our phones blacks out more often when data connection is active. It’s even worse with LTE enabled. Navigate to SettingsCellular and slide Enable LTE to off. Also, try to disable Cellular Data (Data Connection) when away from your phone. This way, your battery will drain slower.

There are a lot more ways you can beat iPhone battery drain to extend your battery life. However, the tweaks listed above make the greatest impact as noticed by many. You could notice it too if you do the same, in case you feel your battery life is becoming more and more shorter. How do you save battery on your iPhone? Sharing is caring!

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