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How to Make $200 a day on your Blog with Adsense

Want to make $200 a day on your blog with Adsense? You shouldn’t despair because hundreds of bloggers out there even make more than that but it doesn’t come easy as you think. It takes a lot of hardwork and commitment to get your blog to a stage where it can make you such sums of money on a daily basis which all comes down to one thing, FOCUS. I believe you have clicked to read this article because you probably want to make that or even more and i as
also assume you have the same focus and determination to reach that target. $200 a day multiplied by 30 totals up to $6000 a month which is quite a lot of money especially with the fact that all you have to do is sit down and write blog articles at your convenience then make such income at the end of the month.

How do i Make $200 a day from Google Adsense?

Well You have two ways to earn that kind of money daily from Adsense. The first is to increase your website traffic and the second is to build your sites around niches with the highest Adsense CPCs. So how about building traffic for a niche that has high CPC? That means you could even beat the $200 a day target. Am going to break down the exact amount of traffic you need to make that kind of money on a daily basis basing on the average CPC (Cost Per Click) of your website(s) but you have to know that the estimated traffic will not average you the exact amount daily or monthly since so many factors affect Adsense CPC. It could make you less or even more. Before you try to estimate your Adsense earnings, you have to know some of the Adsense metrics and how relevant they are. We shall look at three which are; RPM (Revenue Per 1000 Impressions), CPC (Cost Per Click) and CTR (Click Through Rate).

RPM: This is so far the most relevant metric that you need to estimate or calculate the Adsense income of a website and of course how much more traffic you need to make more figures. RPM is the calculation of how much money you make on your website for every 1000 visitors you get. Just imagine you are averaging a RPM of $20 daily from your blog. This means you are making $20 for every 1000 visitors that visit your website implicating if your traffic shot up to 5000 visitors daily you would be making a whooping $100. So to hit our $200 target we would require at least 10,000 daily visitors on our blog which also up to $6000 from 300,000 monthly visitors.

However, this is just an estimate since it’s not easy to get a RPM of $20 from 1000 visitors unless you are blogging from high CPC niches like domains, web hosting and the likes. Some niches will earn you as low as $1 per 1000 visitors depending on your audience and so many other factors as well.

CPC: Cost Per Click is the amount of money Google Adsense pays you per click on their adverts. This figure is so dynamic and all depends on the amount of money that was bid for keywords that adverts appear for. Most people average between $0.15 – $0.30 which is not so bad for a starter where as a few numbers make as much as $10 plus per click. An average CPC of $0.50 would require 200 / 0.5 = 400 clicks to make $200 a day. If the CPC average shoots up to $1 then we would need 200 clicks daily to hit the mark just like we would require 40 clicks daily on an average CPC of $5 to hit the same mark. So what does this have to say? If you plan to make $200 from Adsense daily then you ought to have a CPC average not lesser than $1 unless you have huge volumes of traffic to transform lesser CPCs into the same amount.

CTR: Click Through Rate is the number of clicks on adverts divided by the number of individual ad impressions. Displaying three ad blocks on a web page means you will get 3 ad impressions for each visit implicating if we need $200 from a click through rate of 8% from a web page that displays three ad blocks then the traffic required would be 200/0.08 = 2,500 daily visits.

By now you should be knowing the Adsense metrics you can use to estimate your earnings. Just look through your Adsense dashboard and check on your RPM, CTR and CPC then try to estimate the amount of traffic you will need to make a certain amount of money from Adsense (Could be the $200 we are talking about). If your RPM is above $30 then you might not find a hard time hitting that target. But still, you have to learn how to increase Adsense CPC of your blog not forgetting your website traffic too.

Authored By Kolo Pius

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