Make Money without Adsense

5 ways to Make Money on your blog without Adsense

Can you make money without Adsense? well, my answer is yes! It’s possible to monetize a blog without Adsense and make a lot from it. In fact, you can even make thrice or more of what Adsense would earn you from other monetization sources but all this comes with knowledge that you tend to get as you blog.

When you are new to blogging, most blogs will recommend you to monetize your blog with Adsense because of it’s simplicity and conversion. Funny thing is most bloggers who get banned from Adsense think it’s the end of the road for their blogs but fact is the more you keep experimenting, the more you realize you can make money without Adsense, so much of it than Adsense would earn you in a lifetime.

How can we make money without Adsense

Looking for how to earn money without Adsense? Am going to show you how to make money without Adsense on your blog and what you should also know is most of the monetization schemes shared below can be used alongside Adsense except for the alternative PPC ad networks.

1 – Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is promoting other people or company’s products and earning a commission from each sale made. There are tens of thousands of Affiliate Marketing networks on the internet today that provide various categories of products. I would recommend Affiliate marketing any day because i have seen hundreds earn big money from it monthly. Most successful bloggers use affiliate marketing as their main source of income and have only said positives about it. This is undoubtedly the best way to make money without Google Adsense

Your website’s niche contributes majorly to how much you will make from this scheme. For Bloggers in the Health and Technology Niche, Affiliate Marketing maybe goldmine for you basing on the wide array of Affiliate Networks with some paying as high as $150 per commission. Am not saying you can’t make much money from other niches too, of course you can. If you can drive traffic to your blog just know you can sell anything on it.

Some of the Affiliate Networks to Consider are:

What you should know is there are very many Affiliate Networks on the web and new networks are born everyday. Keep trying several networks besides the three mentioned above because you can never know which network will work best for you. I am able to make money without Adsense on most of my blogs because i opted for affiliate marketing as my primary source of income.

2 – Premium Banners

You can opt for premium banner advertisements on your blog. This doesn’t come easy and sometimes it takes a lot for advertisers to contact you. If you have the right traffic then getting a banner shouldn’t be hard for you. The good thing with banners is you can charge as much as $1000 or even more to keep a single banner on your blog for a specific period, could be monthly, weekly, per two weeks depending on your plans.

The best way to get a banner is create a website that targets a certain niche and try to look for sponsors within than particular niche. If you have any connections with companies within that niche then you can also try going through it to get the banners.

3 – Native Advertisements

Native advertising doesn’t have a clear definition yet but it’s a form of advertising where a website promotes content from another website. Various blogs have tried to build native advertisement under names like sponsored posts, sponsored listings or promoted posts but there are some differences in the concept.

This scheme is being used by most of the big companies on their respective blogs. Some of the networks include:

  • Taboola
  • Revcontent
  • Disqus Reveal
  • Outbrain

You may think of giving it a try but one drawback with this scheme is acceptance is usually hard for Non-US websites and websites that receive low traffic. Don’t forget you can also promote content on your blog supposing you have people willing to promote their content. This form of monetization doesn’t limit you to the networks above. With native advertisements you can also make money without Adsense.

4 – Sell products on your Website

You can think of selling your own products on your websites to make money without Adsense. It could be an E-Book, videos, Website templates and so much more. Before you opt for this you have to be sure you have the trust of your readers meaning you shouldn’t just bump into it until your ready. When your readers trust you and believe they will get good results from purchasing your products then nothing will limit them from making the purchases or recommending it to others.

One of the greatest influencers in the SEO industry, Neil Patel makes money off his blog by selling SEO services to his readers. Many have gotten positive results from his services which has encouraged more to join him. Through his service, he can make money without Adsense.

5 – Opt for Adsense alternatives

I listed down a couple of Adsense alternatives that will earn you good income but unfortunately you will get less from such networks as compared to Adsense. If you have a huge volume of traffic then you might make good money off those networks. Some of the networks are:

Some of these networks will earn you as much as Adsense or even more. Some bloggers have confessed to making more money from than Adsense and i recommend you try each of them and settle for what works best for you. These networks can also help you make money without Adsense.

Is Adsense the best way to make money on a blog? I don’t think so, i would go for affiliate marketing any day. However, if you are looking to make money without Adsense, the five options above should be able to make you enough of it but still i recommend you settle for affiliate marketing and make it your primary source of income if you wish to make a lot of money out of your blogging career. In case none of the options above works for you then you might have to first do away with all advertisements on your blog, increase your traffic (mainly organic traffic) and try monetizing it again.

Authored By Kolo Pius

Kolo Pius is the founder of TutorialFAQ. He writes Badass articles for it and is an avid traveler too. Most of the time he travels while blogging and coding. You can hire me for your next Web Project, Mobile Project or SEO Services. About Me | Facebook | Twitter


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