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Worst SEO Mistakes you should never make on your Blog

Making SEO Mistakes is one of the worst things you can do to your blog. This shouldn’t worry you because most of us make them unknowingly due to insufficient SEO knowledge but we learn what to do after a certain period of time.

Talking from my personal experience, it took me nearly three years to get a deep understanding of SEO but am currently cheering to it. Who wouldn’t feel happy knowing they write posts that rank in search engines? when it comes to blogging remember traffic is what brings you revenue. If you can get traffic to your blog then you are rest assured of selling anything on it. You may want to look at the ways to increase Website Traffic without Marketing.

What are some of the SEO Mistakes

Please note that there are very many SEO Mistakes you can make on your blog. Some of the SEO Mistakes will have a big repercussion on your blog than others. Whatever search engine optimization techniques you adopt, if you are making the mistakes below you might just have a long struggle in getting your posts to rank well. Below are some of the most common SEO Mistakes to avoid on your blog.

Misusing Heading Tags

This is so far one of the most common SEO Mistakes made today. Unfortunately most people don’t know the relevance and impact of heading tags when it comes to SEO. Having more than one H1 or H2 tag in a web page might affect it’s ranking. If you are looking to add multiple heading tags it’s always recommended to use H3 tags, H4 tags or H5 tags. In fact if possible you can create a CSS class for a paragraph and style it to look like a heading. It’s always recommended to use the H1 tag only for the web page title or post title. Proper usage of heading tags is one of the uncommon search engine optimization tips but is quite relevant.

High Keyword Density

It’s always advisable to keep the Keyword density of a post to a maximum of 2.5% but i recommend keeping it to 2.4%. Most search engine optimization experts consider Keyword Density to be a myth but if you look deep into it, there no point of flooding a post with a lot the same keyword over and over again. It’s probably one of top SEO Mistakes we make. Search engine crawlers always consider web pages with normal densities more relevant compared to the ones with high keyword densities. If you are using WordPress, there are already plugins in place that can help you calculate the keyword density in your post. In fact most WordPress SEO plugins come inbuilt with this feature. Don’t make your Keyword density high with intentions of improving your keyword ranking, it will not work.

Poor Content

This also slots up among the most common SEO Mistakes. Content that is less than 300 words in length or duplicate is considered to be poor content. Web pages with content less than 300 words always find it hard to rank well in search engines. Having duplicate content on your blog will also affect your SEO because such pages are usually flagged and hardly show up in search results even when certain keywords are queried.

Not including Images in a Post

Some web pages have ranked well without images but this only happens on minimal occasions. Web pages with images are usually considered to be high quality web pages by web crawlers and are likely to be returned more often in search queries. Include at least one or two images in your post and add the meta keyword of the post as it’s alt attribute value. Images can also bring in a good amount of traffic to your blog considering their alt attributes hold the right values.

Using same keyword on more than one post

This is one of the SEO Mistakes that has been debated most among SEO professionals. Some refer to it as Keyword Cannibalization where as some claim it has no effect considering the web pages have variant keyword densities. I always discourage people from using the same keyword on more than one post. You can refer to this post to learn more about using same keyword on more than one post.

Buying Backlinks

Hundreds of search engine optimization companies on the internet will promise you quality backlinks for a price tag. Never fall prey of this act as it will only do worse than good to your blog. Google is so smart to detect and usually down-ranks sites that buy backlinks. Only a few companies will get your quality backlinks implicating you have to be extra smart before opting for this. It could either improve your search engine ranking or hurt it. Buying backlinks is one of the biggest SEO mistakes you can ever make on your blog. Try building backlinks the natural way and besides, if you write exceptional content that is worth sharing, the links will always come.

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If your looking to improve search engine ranking of your blog then you can to keep a clean SEO profile. Are you making any of these SEO Mistakes? you shouldn’t get worried because you can still put everything right. I made most of these SEO Mistakes on one of my blogs and realized my mistake when i reached over 2000 articles. I had to go through article by article making respective changes but trust me, i started noticing a change in my organic traffic only a few months down the road. Did you also know themes affect SEO? Read this post for a clear expalanation.

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