5 essential tips for Making a lot of Money Online

Many think of making money online but only a few strive at it reason being most of us fail to figure out what works best for them or rather lack some money making essentials to make money online. There are very many ways to make money online, make money at home, make money from home online or whatever you may call it but what you should know is you need some basics on ways to make extra money online. I recently wrote about several ways you can make money online and also talked about the outcome if you get everything right. I still find blogging to be my best way to make money online, it’s probably one of my ways to earn money online.

In this article i talk about some of the essentials you need when it comes to making money online. Please note that it’s not all about opportunities but how you approach and handle the opportunities you get. We have to accept the fact that opportunities will always be there.

Tips for Making Money Online

The attributes listed below are must-have essentials when it comes to making money online. They will help you make extra money online and get you more opportunities as well. I suggest you emphasize on them more before opting to make money online.

Know what works best for you

When it comes to making money online, you have to know what works best for you and what doesn’t. If something doesn’t work for you then suggest you don’t stick to it but rather opt for something that you believe will convert more. This will not only help you make quick cash on the internet but will also help you know where your strength is. In fact, part of knowing what works for you is knowing what you can do and what you can’t. If you are a good software developer i recommend you look for means of making money through that than diversify to something like blogging or copywriting because it will always be hard for you to keep up with the competition against people who have been into that for years.


You need knowledge for making money online. You are not just going to bump into making money online by looking for your first gig without doing some research. Assuming its freelancing on Upwork, you have to consult some of the successful people who have been on the service for long and analyze what it took them to get where they are. Good thing is most of these freelancers will share with you tips on how you can establish yourself in respective businesses. Alternatively, you can look for answers on Search Engines ( i recommend Google). Please note that research is a very essential aspect of making money online and you shouldn’t ignore it, else you will find a hard time establishing yourself.

Hardwork and Patience

This is actually the greatest essential for making money online. If you are not hardworking and patient trust me, you will end up no where. I am a blogger and i have always looked up to the most influential bloggers in my niche but one thing i noticed is none of them became successful in just a few years of their journey. It will probably be the same thing for you, you have to be extra patient when it comes to making money online. This doesn’t mean you won’t be able to make any income at all, you will make money but your revenue will grow with the years you spend working online.

Build Relationships Online

This is key in making money online. You have to establish yourself and build links with almost everyone out there. Building relationships online is more like branding yourself online, people will always recommend you to others and will trust your work too. If you can gain the trust of many, it won’t be hard making money online because people will always look for you. Lets assume you are into copywriting, leaving outstanding guest posts on other blogs will earn you more followers and readers back on your blog.

Deliver Good Work

There’s no point identifying what works best for you, having a lot knowledge for making money online, working hard with a lot of patience or building relationships online if your work is substandard. What you should know is quality matters more than quantity, a small quality output and any day be chosen over a bulk poor output. It’s not about the tasks you accomplish, but how you accomplish them. Delivering good work will make others recommend you which is essential in making money online.

Bonus Tip: Have a basic knowledge of English

Most of the opportunities on the internet will require you to at least have a basic knowledge of English. If you have an outstanding one then the better, this will only broaden options for you online. If you struggle with English, you can use the Google Translate tool to make translations to your language.

One point i didn’t mention is engaging in something of your interest. If you like something, you are most likely to be extremely productive at it. Ready to take a step into making money online? Don’t forget to adopt the essentials i mentioned above. You can check out these ways of making money online for a few ideas on how to make money from home doing online stuff. Are you already making money online? feel free to share with us your experience below.

Authored By Kolo Pius

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