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5 essential tips for writing Good Articles

Searching for how to write an article? in this article i don’t only share tips for writing an article but how to write good articles for a blog. Writing good articles for your blog will not only get you a good number of dedicated readers but will also improve the reputation of your blog. As a matter of fact, some websites are trusted more than others simply because they write outstanding articles that are relevant and trustworthy.

If you are thinking of starting up a blog then you have to think of writing good articles for your blog. What you should know is quality maters more than quantity when it comes to blogging. 1 or 2 relevant articles are far better than 5 or 6 irrelevant articles. The whole point here is being informative to your readers and not just writing with intentions of generating traffic to your blog or website.

Essentials for writing good articles

So many factors with determine the relevancy of an article. However, the truth factor is always the most essential when it comes to writing good articles for your blog. If you are writing articles that are not based on facts the i recommend you cease doing it else your blogging journey will always be a try-struggle scenario. Usually when writing good articles i recommend putting emphasis on the article writing tips listed below. If you are looking for how to become an article writer, these tips will show you how to be a good article writer and not just an ordinary article writer.


Consider writing nothing but only facts in your articles. Articles with false information will often kill readers trust in your blog and within no time you will start losing hundreds of them plus traffic. If a reader loses trust in your blog he might not be able to click on any of your search queries in the future in case they are filtered. This is simply because he doesn’t trust the information on your website but trusts other websites more. Always try and do research, get your facts right and write them in an article. This the most essential part of writing good articles.

Write Relevant Articles

Is your information relevant to your readers? i recommend you only write about important information that you believe will be constructive and informative to your readers. I have encountered similar situations before on some news websites where readers actually asked if what the writer wrote about was anything close to news. Don’t fall in this ditch, if you consider a topic to be irrelevant then don’t waste your time extracting a story out of it.

Use the right Grammar

Writing good articles involves using the right grammar in the procedure. You should try hard and avoid typos appearing in your articles but this is quite common, sometimes we get caught up writing articles and make mistakes while typing. The solution to this is reading through the again after publishing it and correcting all the mistakes in it. You should be knowing how to write an article in English too.

Write Good Content

Content usually goes with facts and relevancy but it shouldn’t be duplicate, non-informative or incomplete. A common vice among most newbie bloggers is writing short articles on their blogs which is not a good idea. Lengthy posts usually rank better than short posts. The best length for a post is 300 words but 1000 – 1500 words articles will rank far better than such posts but this doesn’t mean you should flood your content with irrelevant information to raise that mark, if you have no content to include in your blog post i recommend you leave it the way it is. Good content is key when it comes to writing good articles.

Give Examples

If need be, give a few examples to backup your article. This will prove the relevancy of your information to readers. Most bloggers who write product reviews first experiment the product and analyze it then write articles based on their experiences. You can also include citations and the sources used to gather your information in your articles for further references. Many bloggers ignore this but it’s very vital when it comes to writing good articles. However, it’s not a must to include sources and citations in all your articles, you can only include in articles that require them.

Add Images in your Articles

Images are very vital, can be informative at times and boost your SEO to a certain percentage. If possible, add a few images in your article but try to limit them so that they don’t outweigh the words on your post. Words always have to be more than images at least to a 70:30 ratio. Articles with images have been reported to be more engaging than the ones without them. Besides, blogs with images also look far attractive than the ones that lack them implicating you should try to always add images in your articles.

Be Creative

Creativity is a very important aspect of writing good articles. Brainstorm case studies, carry them out and collect information to present in your articles. Creativity can also mean being first at something, always make sure you have something unique to present to your readers. Think of ways of making your article more engaging and relevant.

I have been blogging for years but it took me time to implement all these in my articles. I might still lack a few of them but it’s a process, as years move on i get better at it and so will you. Writing good articles will establish you online, if your articles can attract and turn your visitors into readers then you will always have the trust of many. Looking for how to write a good article, just keep implementing the points above.

Authored By Kolo Pius

Kolo Pius is the founder of TutorialFAQ. He writes Badass articles for it and is an avid traveler too. Most of the time he travels while blogging and coding. You can hire me for your next Web Project, Mobile Project or SEO Services. About Me | Facebook | Twitter


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