Unlimited Bandwidth and Disk Space

The Myth behind Unlimited Bandwidth and Disk Space

With a lot of competition in the web hosting industry today, so many companies come out each day with promos and offers to expand their respective market shares. Gone are the days when web hosting resources like bandwidth and disk space were metered. Nowadays so many web hosting companies are able to provide unlimited bandwidth and disk space for at least 1 or 2 of their plans but question is, does unlimited bandwidth or disk space really exist?

I wouldn’t really fall for this. I know everything has a limit and so does bandwidth and disk space. The best a web hosting company can do is make your package scalable so that your package automatically adjusts on certain resources and this way, it is hard for you to run out of such resources.

The way out is you definitely being forced to upgrade your package. As you may know, more traffic means more CPU resources for those running dynamic websites meaning if your website got to a state where it gets 50 hits at the same time, your website’s performance might reduce or worse time out for some time as the number reduces.

It is quite hard to host a website with over 80,000 monthly hits on a cheap shared web hosting environment without any performance flaws. If these companies promised you unlimited bandwidth and disk space, they know well that when you will be forced to upgrade your package as your traffic increases.

Depending on how huge your pockets are, unlimited bandwidth and disk space may exist best under a Virtual Private Server (VPS) or Dedicated Web Hosting environment. Your resources could be scaled depending on your traffic and platform to maintain good performance.

Always try reading through the terms and conditions of these so called web hosts who promise so much for less before making any purchase and you may just notice that they have their limits already written in a fine print.

Why are your promised unlimited bandwidth and disk space?

This is nothing but a marketing ploy that several web hosting providers use to attract new customers to their servers. You might be knowing how unrealistic such offers are but not everyone does or perhaps if you have ever hosted your site on a server that has limits on resources (especially bandwidth and disk space) then you will know what it seems like to land on a web host promising you heaven on earth.

Like said previously, the web hosting industry is extremely competitive, reason why so many unrealistic marketing ploys are adopted each and everyday. The main point is gaining advantage over the rest to also have your own share of the market which all demands for massive marketing and innovation especially for those trying to position among the best in the industry.

Offering unlimited bandwidth and disk space is huge enough to convince any newbie to purchase a web hosting service from your server and very few will resist such offers. My heart skipped when i first saw this unbelievable offer during my newbie days and it was so strange to believe or resist.

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So is there a possibility of getting unlimited bandwidth and disk space? My answer to this is a YES though it doesn’t come the way to expect it. First of all, you are going to pay a lot of money for it. Secondly, it can’t be possible on a shared web hosting environment and lastly, you are willing to negotiate with your web host for custom scalable plans.

If you are using WordPress to power your website then you might think of signing up with WP Engine for a very powerful and stable managed WordPress hosting environment if at all you are able to spend that much. You can also give Bluehost a shot at a relatively good price.

Do not ever get moved even for an inch to purchase a web hosting package from a provider just because they promised you unlimited bandwidth and disk space. The main emphasis should be on the performance of your website hence, you ought to consider CPU and memory allotments more.

Over to you

Have you ever gotten moved by such unlimited bandwidth and disk space offers? I got moved during my newbie days of blogging but still i didn’t regret a thing because i was signing up with Bluehost, one of the top 3 reputable web hosting brands in the world and apparently the most recommended web host for WordPress.

Despite the fact that i didn’t stay with Bluehost for long, at least i was shown light for what matters more as far as web hosting is concerned. To me, CPU and memory allotments matter most when it comes to performance of course also considering other factors like uptime, support and more.

How reliable is your web host? Are you currently enrolled to an unlimited plan or you prefer settling with limits? Please feel free to share your views by dropping me a comment below. You can also check out these web hosting providers that will offer you unlimited bandwidth and disk space.

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