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7 Web Hosts that offer Unlimited Web Hosting

Tired of your server timing out because of less resources or rather getting reminders about web hosting account upgrades? What if you signed up with web hosts who will let you host unlimited? Whether it’s shared, cloud, virtual or dedicated hosting, i believe you can still get a package from a web host that will make you get enough resources to run your website smoothly without any serious problems. Are there web hosts that will let you host unlimited on their server? To be honest with you, i would go with a no any day because nothing like unlimited web hosting does exist at the moment unless we think of a possibility in the near future. In this article, i single out web hosting companies that will give you offers to host unlimited and will give you the best resources of a web hosting account irrespective of the web hosting package you are signing up for.

1 – Bluehost

Bluehost is definitely one of the best web hosting companies in the whole world. Besides the strong brand, Bluehost has quite a number of reviews to prove they are simply the best of which most of them are positive. They provide unlimited resources for most of their web hosting plans except the basic plan that has a limit of 50GB on disk storage. They don’t limit bandwidth usage on their either server and always ask you to upgrade in case you have hit the limit of other resources like I/O and CPU allotments.

View plans and Pricing here

2 – Hostgator

HostGator will let you host unlimited on most of it’s web hosting plans. Besides Bluehost, HostGator is also among the top and most common web hosts in the world that offers various hosting services like shared web hosting, WordPress web hosting, Cloud hosting, VPS, Dedicated hosting and more. HostGator has quite a good repetition and you can completely trust their services. Check out their prices below to get started.

View plans and Pricing here

3 – JustHost

JustHost is another web host that will let you host unlimited on their servers. They offer a free domain name for your first year term of hosting, have outstanding up time stats, offer affordable web hosting services and have a money back guarantee period of 30 days in case you are not any contented with any of their services that you subscribed for.

View plans and Pricing here

4 – iPage

If you can’t settle for any of the three web hosts above then you can opt for iPage. They will not only let you host unlimited on their servers but will also give you one of the cheapest starter rates for web hosting compared to other web hosts. At the moment i have over 3 websites hosted on iPage but i don’t regret signing up with them in any way. Despite the amount of traffic i receive, they still let me host unlimited on their web servers.

View plans and Pricing here

5 – Green Geeks

How about you host unlimited on a green web hosting platform? Green Geeks is among the best green web hosting companies you can sign up for. They offer a chance for you to host unlimited even on their cheapest web hosting plans. One thing i liked about Green Geeks is the fact that their most basic web hosting package lets you add unlimited domains on your account, something that most web hosts don’t offer. Green Geeks is a sure deal if you intend to host unlimited.

View plans and Pricing here

6 – DreamHost

Last on the list, i wouldn’t leave out the dream of all web hosts. DreamHost offers very affordable web hosting plans that will let you host unlimited. It’s definitely one of the most reputable web hosting providers at the moment which you can confirm from their web hosting reviews. What i really liked most about DreamHost is their 97-day money back guarantee period in case you don’t feel satisfactory for any of the services you signed up for. Quite a good deal right? DreamHost is surely worth a try.

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If you are looking to host unlimited then you have the six options above to choose from. All these companies are reputable and have been operational for years implicating you have all the reasons to trust their web hosting services. However, before jumping to host unlimited you have to know that the functionality of your website doesn’t with unmetered bandwidth or disk space. There are a lot more factors like CPU and Memory allotments that you ought to consider else your website will be slow and or even crash because it requires more memory that what is required. I always recommend switching to VPS when you start receiving 2000 visitors a day because that way, your hosting environment should handle all the memory demands. For shared web hosting, i recommend the basic plan of BlueHost for the start.

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