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What is Green Hosting? All you need to know

What is Green web hosting? Green Hosting, also known as eco friendly web hosting is a web hosting service that involves the use of green technologies such as wind, trees, grass and plants for reduction of environmental impact. Most green webhosting companies now days use renewable energy all year long to power their web servers despite the need to maintain the servers at a low temperature to ensure they perform well.

To keep it short, their servers are powered by Green Power. Green power is defined as electricity produced from wind, bio-gas, solar, biomass and hydro-electric sources with low effect. A number of green web hosting companies have already partnered with U.S. EPA Green Power to purchase various energy credits to replace the amount of energy they consume.

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Why Green Hosting?

A normal web Server consumes a lot of energy resources and produce a lot of carbon-dioxide as well. On an average a web server consumes over 1,100 KWh of energy every year and produces an estimate of 650 Kilograms of Carbon-dioxide which isn’t good for the environment. Predictions claim this could be of great danger to the environment in the next 5 years to come because there are tens of million servers running worldwide. On the other hand, Web servers that use green technology produce almost no Carbon-dioxide annually. This is what inspired the birth of eco-friendly hosting.

A study conducted in 2005 revealed that the energy the web hosting industry used to power their web servers by then was same as the energy from 15 power plants. Despite the emergency of new web servers that consume less energy, this could still be harmful in the future.

Green Hosting doesn’t only begin with it’s web hosting providers but all of us. When you are building a website and thinking of hosting it, what impact are you planning to make to the environment? By opting for eco web hosting, you are already having a positive impact on the environment because you are sure your website won’t have any negative repercussions to it. The main reason behind eco-friendly hosting is conserving the environment by not polluting it.

Why use Green Power?

Using green power to power web servers has a variety of benefits right from the cost perspective to the environmental perspective. Some of the benefits include:

  • Improves environmental status of a company
  • Cost friendly
  • Reduce Carbon footprint linked with purchased electricity
  • Supports renewable energy growth
  • Strengthens your organization status
  • No environmental pollution
  • More clients for your Business

The benefits are endless and i only managed to list down a few. In case you are not using green power to power your web servers you can still adopt a few measures like using extremely low-voltage equipment for your computers, isolate cold air from hot air produced by web servers, purchase strong room air-conditioning equipment plus more to reduce your environmental impact.

Above are some of the simple basics you need to know about Green Hosting. Eco friendly hosting is taking trend and becomes more famous each day. Big servers are going green, HostGator went green a few years ago. Don’t wait, become part of the trend and get green hosting for your website today.

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