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When is the perfect time to Monetize a Blog

When is the right time to monetize a blog? some people will ask you to monetize a blog from day one while others will discourage you from it. Every one will have something different to say but at the end of the day it all comes down to what you want.

It’s not always advisable to just bump into blogging without laying down plans for it. Before starting up a blog you should already know what you expect from it, the people you want to target, the niche you want to be in and how you intend to monetize it. You should be knowing how to make money blogging before you monetize your content. Truth is most bloggers i have come across monetize their blogs from day one by adding affiliate links in their articles. If you are blogging for money too then i suggest you emphasize on content monetization as early as you can.

Making money from a blog is one of the best things that can ever happen to your blogging career, it feels good to make money blogging from home or wherever you may be. However, before you try to make money from blogging you should be having knowledge on how to make money blogging.

Perfect time to Monetize a Blog

I suggest you monetize a blog from day one. This will help you analyze the areas where you need to make adjustments and the fact that you want to make money from your blog will motivate you to build it’s traffic.

Why day one? like said earlier, by the time you start a blog you should be knowing how you intend to monetize it. If you plan to use Adsense as your primary source of income then implement the ads on your blog from day one. The hardest part may be getting Adsense approval but these tips can help you get fast approval. Same thing with affiliate marketing, if you plan to make it your primary source of income then i recommend you insert affiliate links in your articles from day one.

If you monetize a blog from day one, your visitors are very much aware of it and will always expect it but if you monetize it after gathering a number of readers, they might not be impressed with it and you might end up losing some in the process.

The best example i can give is a business that starts operations from day one or lets say publications that place ads on the issues from day one. The same thing applies to blogs, it’s a good practice to monetize your blog from day one.

I have come across reasons claiming Adsense Ads annoy readers and makes you lose them for just cents but it all comes down to knowing your expectations. You might have an alternate plan, lets say you want to start a blog, gather readers, build traffic and later on monetize it, you can follow exactly. However, some people will want to start making their money from day one and will monetize a blog as soon as it goes online.

If you have good content, you will never lose your visitors after all it’s what they want, not an ads free website. The problem only comes when you monetize a blog with poor content from the first day, this will definitely cost you potential readers.

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When it comes to blogging, what you should know is every one has a different journey. Do not be afraid of trying out new things. It’s a good idea to follow the rest but i believe you learn more when you try things out on your own. I monetized Tutorial FAQ from day one and i haven’t had an issue with it.

Do you run a blog, when did you monetize it? share with us below.

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